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Learn Sketch, XD, Figma & no code website building as well! I'm based in Australia but can teach in any time zone. Contact me if you would rather purchase my video course.

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I have taught students from the Masters in Digital Design right through to industry led courses & Senior Graphic Designers.

Student from Harness Projects

About Ken

Your learning needs come first. I've been teaching design for 9 years now having been awarded for a training program I started & as an awarded designer, designing sites for clients for over 12 years. Your learning outcome and enjoyment process is what is most important to me. I'm hear to help you reach your design goals.

Awards As A Designer, Work & Testimonial Video From Client

These are some of my accomplishments as a designer.


Per Hour


Covering an on need basis approach to your learning. Zoom options available.
Intro 2 Weeks Course


12 hours per week, flexible options, Zoom available to see if the premium course is right for you. Covering the basics of Sketch, Figma & XD
8 Month Premium Course

$ 5000

A full 8 months, 12 hours per week course weeks course that covers assignments, Sketch, Figma & XD as well as design concepts. Options available via Zoom

Based in Australia, Available Globally, Get In Contact & Let's Start!